abril 19, 2023

Rebem la visita de la Fundació Matia

Marco Inzitari, impulsor del BALL, ha rebut la visita de Laura Fernández Cordero, investigadora de Matia Instituto (Fundación Matia).

Actualment, l’equip de la Fundació Matia munta un projecte de Living Lab sobre envelliment. En conèixer el Barcelona Aging collaboratory (BALL) s’han volgut apropar al Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili per conèixer-nos i compartir visions.

Fundación Matia

The Matia Foundation was created in 1881 with the purpose of “accompanying people in their aging process to improve their well-being, generating knowledge and personalized services that promote their autonomy and dignity.”

It is a Private Non-Profit Foundation, declared of general interest, with more than 130 years of experience in the provision of socio-health services in Gipuzkoa. They want “to be an agent of social transformation that, in a sustainable way, gives an expert response, and focused on people, in the field of aging and disability.”