May 18, 2023

BALL signs a collaboration agreement with the Barcelona Provincial Council

Dr. Marco Inzitari and Ms. Montserrat Jiménez, Manager of the VHIR, representing the Barcelona Aging coLLaboratory (BALL), have signed a collaboration agreement with the Deputy Mr. Marc Verdaguer, Diputació de Barcelona representing, in the presence of Mrs. Carmela Fortuny, Vice President of the same institution.

The agreement is based on a common interest in projects that promote social and territorial cohesion, to improve the autonomy of older people in urban and rural environments, and promote active aging.

On the other hand, the aforementioned objectives represent fundamental values ​​for BALL, which, like Living Lab, aims to generate this cohesion by bringing together the different actors (citizens, caregivers, universities, health and social institutions, companies and, precisely, public administrations) of a territory. In the same way that the BALL aims to have a broad territorial vision.

With this agreement, BALL adds another fundamental piece to the Living Lab, which can provide the vision and transfer the results of its projects to and from public policies.

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