March 16, 2023

The HoOP project holds the first successful focus group

The HoOP (future HOusing and Older People Project), a project registered in the BALL, has conducted the first focus group of its study successfully.

The focus groups take place at “la Casa de Pensar”, headquarters of the Barcelona Aging coLLaboratory (BALL), in the Pere Virgili Health Park. A house built last June as part of Barcelona Design Week 2022, which was moved months later to Vallcarca.

What is HoOP?

Grup Efebé and the Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences are working on a project called HoOP (future HOusing and Older People Project).

In the first phase, we aim to describe the needs and perspectives on how they want to feel and how housing for seniors is viewed. For this first phase we plan to hold focus groups with current users and family members of users, with potential users to respond to the two major topics presented, and also with professionals who provide services in institutions where these older people live/attend to offer their professional perspective. about what these homes should be like to favor these expressed feelings.

In a later and future phase, we want to co-define an action plan that analyzes, experiments and determines solutions to agree, develop and apply a shared vision of the future model of housing and care for older people.

The collaboration between Grup Efebé and Blanquerna

This project was born in January 2020 and has been evolving and going through different preliminary works between both entities. We are now evolving a research study that we started in 2021 with a barometer on “How and where we want to live when we are older”. On a sample of n797 people, between 40 and 70 years old (groups of the Baby Boom and X generations, which are those born between 1950 and 1980). All of them were from Spanish municipalities with more than 200,000 inhabitants. The study worked on two variables. First, asking how and where they would want to live when they reach the age range of 75/80 years. On the other hand, how and where they would want to do it if they developed some type of dependency.

Where do we want to live and how do we want to feel when we grow up?

People between 45 and 85 years old have already participated in this first focus group. Rosa Rifà and Anna Fornt, Director of Grup Efebé, respectively.

What do you think of the current nursing home model? How do you imagine the place to live when you grow up? Who would you want to live with? How would you like to feel in these present and future spaces?

These are some of the questions that we have asked this group, to know the needs experienced and the perspectives in relation to what housing should be like to live in when we are older from the vision of potential present and future users and the different interest groups. involved.